Vmware Agreement Number

Can customers have more than one Access Account Number (EA)? New customers are assigned their EA number during the ordering process. EA numbers available through the EA search tool can be accessed in Partner Connect. The Partner Activation Code (PAC) licensing process for OEM customers remains unchanged, with one exception. During the cashing steps, the customer is asked to choose the corresponding EA number from a drop-down menu. It is possible to have several EA numbers, both personal and professional, but only an EA number can be chosen by license. If no EA number is selected, we assume that the customer wants to create a new EA account. If there is no EA number to choose from, it is probably a new customer and an EA is automatically created by VMware. However, if the customer has an existing EA number but does not see it mentioned, please contact VMware customer service for assistance. To find your EA customer number, please use the EA Look-Up Tool provided online in Partner Connect. If your client has more than one EA number, please contact your customer to determine the EA number they prefer. I`m the dealer`s partner. What if I don`t provide my distributor with an Access Account Number (EA) in the order? If the order applies to a brand new customer, VMware creates the EA number during the ordering process. An EA should be made available for all orders from existing customers.

In the absence of EA for an existing customer, this can cause delays during the ordering process or a new EA number may be created by mistake, resulting in additional delays and impact on customer satisfaction. I am a reseller partner, how can I find my Customer Authorization Account Number (EA) if it doesn`t provide it? What happens if I order without the Authorization Account Number (EA)? Licenses are filed by contract number in a file located in the authorization account. It is the customer`s duty to give visibility to the OEM partner. Depending on the type of partner, this customer-oriented tool may affect the requirements of manual and EDI transaction orders. In particular, an EA number will be required for orders for existing customers. In addition, you can expect changes to the display of licensing and support information information as well as the structure of how that information is managed in the authorization account. When managing your client`s account, certain permissions may be required and must be assigned by your client to act on his behalf.